Rancho Fiasco Working Terriers

We have a lot of requests for a website and this seems like the next best thing. We will post information about happenings around Rancho Fiasco including hunting stories, litters, pictures of some of our terriers and various trials and events we participate in.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Choco at One Year

Well, Choco just turned a year of age this past Saturday. He has matured physically very nicely. I think he has the makings of a very good earth hunting terrier. He has good bone, and an adequate head with good solid teeth. Nice angles to manuver around in an earth. His chest is very spanable, even with my small hands. His coat is as good a hunt jacket as you could ask for. Tops out at about 13" and will likely fill out a bit more in the muscle structure. He is as gamey as they come and if there is any fault I could really put my finger on is he is a little hard driven and hope he remains sensible and is willing to use his head as well as his teeth.