Rancho Fiasco Working Terriers

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rancho Fiasco Kaddy

The following story is from our friend Sherri Rossmiller of Washington who has one of our Knotty puppies, Kaddy. She seems to be coming along very nicely in the field work department and has done well at terrier trials too as she was Grand Champion Terrier at the JRTCA AGM Trial in Estes Park, Colorado on Sunday's trial.

I thought you'd want to know a little bit more of Kaddy's hunt, including some photos. We were in Jackson, Ohio with Gary Vollrath and Dawn Kelley, whom I was traveling with. We had two dogs on the ground and were walking along a hedgerow that bordered a corn field/soy bean field. It was really heavy thorny underbrush with multi-flora rose and poison ivy. Kaddy and the other dog were both interested in what we thought was a single hole sette. The other dog walked away, Kaddy stayed listening at the hole, entered, and immediately started baying. That gave us the encouragement to start clearing away the brush. When we did, we discovered it was a four-hole sette. Kaddy continued baying and we marked her at 2 1/2 ft. We could hear sparring going on and I could see the back end of something being pushed out towards the exit hole I was at. Gary opened up the hole to see Kaddy going at it with the opossum. She was taken out of the hole and the opossum was left alone. Kaddy was schooled to a raccoon on Saturday at Joe's place and the light turned on from there. She worked a really hard sette that had two hogs in it, but just couldn't figure it out. We later discovered one of the hogs had gone up in a tube that was on top of where she was trying to find the other hog. That hog had dug away, so I'm assuming the scent was so strong from both of them, she couldn't figure it out. It appears she learned a valuable lesson that day with Steff. Kaddy is a great little hunting terrier. She can go anywhere and it appears she certainly has the drive to push on. The next quarry was not going to get away. Kaddy entered another sette and started baying. We could hear her sparring with the quarry and marked her at 3 1/2 feet. I could see something being pushed out of an exit hole, but couldn't tell what it was. Gary Vollrath, a working judge from Jackson, Ohio, broke through to the tunnel and saw Kaddy actively engaging a hissing opossum. We pulled Kaddy out and left the opossum for another day. Kaddy has now joined the working ranks by earning her first NHC to opossum. Good girl Lil' Miss Wampus! Anyway, congratulations to us both for producing a good little worker!
Sherri Rossmiller

As a Post Script, Kaddy has a 12 week old brother and sister that are available here at Rancho Fiasco. Call or email inquires to approved homes.