Rancho Fiasco Working Terriers

We have a lot of requests for a website and this seems like the next best thing. We will post information about happenings around Rancho Fiasco including hunting stories, litters, pictures of some of our terriers and various trials and events we participate in.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Trust Your Terriers Nose

As we approach the hunting season in most parts of the country it brings to mind a common mistake that some people make that are new to this sport. You come across a sette and your terrier shows some interest but acts a little reluctant to enter. Some people will try to get their terriers worked up and enter what they think is an ideal home for a fox or raccoon. They finally convince their terrier to enter only to smell that they have been sprayed by a skunk. A lot of good terriers have been lost over the years to this handsome little black and white member of the weasel family. Learn to trust your terriers nose and if they hesitate to enter what appears to be a good sette, go on to the next one.

Good Hunting